Anaerobic Threshold

It is commonly known and accepted that there is a critical power, a critical working intensity as the highest intensity which allows for a steady state in metabolism. People call this the anaerobic threshold, critical power or velocity. Everybody knows it exists. Everybody wants to increase it.


Start asking: "WHY does it exist? Why is it at a certain intensity"



The only non-empirical but verified theoretical determination. 

The commonly used methods to determine anaerobic threshold are based on empirical findings within a certain population and a certain way of testing. This has let to a lot of misunderstanding what the anaerobic threshold actually is. Furthermore it restricts the assessment to very specific test protocols.

However the most significant shortfall on empirical determination of anaerobic threshold is: it doesn't provide any insight of the reasons why the anaerobic threshold is where it is.



If you want to improve your anaerobic threshold, the first step you need to take is: understand why it is what it is today!



INSCYD determines the anaerobic threshold as what it is per definition: the maximum intensity at which lactate combustion equals lactate production. INSCYD determines the combustion and the production rates of lactate separate. This provides significant improvements on the understanding of athletes performance. With INSCYD you can:

  • see the influence of individual physiological metrics on anaerobic threshold.
  • reduce the standard error of determination of anaerobic threshold to < 3%.
  • calculate the enhancement of anaerobic threshold by improving a single performance metric
INSCYD: Prof Dr Ferran Rodriguez - INEFC - university for physical education Barcelona/Spain - on the doubtless detection of the anaerobic threshold.

Example of the detection of the anaerobic threshold in running: INSCYD determines lactate production (red curve) and maximum aerobic lactate combustion (blue curve) separately. The crossing point of lactate production and maximum possible aerobic lactate combustion determines the anaerobic threshold.

The possibility to determine - without any doubt - what is the anaerobic threshold of an athlete, is very interesting.
— Prof. Dr. Rodriguez, Physiologist of the INEFC Barcelona