INSCYD allows you to understand precisely how each individual athlete burns carbohydrates. With this understanding, you can find the perfect level of fueling for your athletes, which will fight fatigue and enhance performance.


Only with sufficient fueling your athletes can fight fatigue and perform at their best.


Fuel to perform

  • Understand how your athlete uses this precious fuel and adjust their workouts & diet accordingly. 

  • Add carbohydrate combustion analysis to your coaching service, and provide tailored nutrition plans to individual athletes.

  • Beyond training and preparation, use this analysis to add valuable coaching expertise on race day.
  • Perfecting intake of carbohydrates is trainable, but needs to be practiced.
  • Adjust pacing and prescribe a fueling strategy to avoid your athlete running out of fuel.

Be pickey with your data

Conventional assessment of carbohydrate combustion based solely on gas analyses has significant limitations. Not only is it lab-based, but it gets also easily affected by acute nutrition status. Scientific research has shown that neglecting lactate measurements in assessing carbohydrate combustion from gas exchange data only is misleading.

INSCYD adds lactate production to the assessment of carbohydrate combustion. The only way to produce lactate is by using carbohydrates, thus lactate production is directly linked to carbohydrate combustion.

Measure where it matters: with INSCYD you assess carbohydrate combustion on the track, on the climb, and on the field. 


Example of Fat - and Carbohydrate combustion rates as a function of speed in an endurance runner. The green curve shows the fat utilization rate in kcal/h (left y-axis). The FatMax (maximum fat oxidation) is the apex of the curve and marked with the green area. The red curve shows the carbohydrate utilization rate in kcal/h (left y-axis) and in grams per hour (right y-axis). The maximum exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rate of 60-90 g/h is marked with the orange zone.

Detecting my fat - and carbohydrate utilization is the single most important metric for me in INSCYD
— avide Formolo - Pro Cyclist