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Exit the vicious cycle of scaling revenue with time commitment

You are a passionate coach. You chose this profession because you love the job, love sport, and love working with athletes. This is what you really want to do. However, you need to make a living, and you would like to make a significant income with the services you offer.

How many athletes do you coach? 10, 20 or even 30, all in different disciplines? Each of your athletes may pay you $150 per month – on average. Of course, there are variations, but this is a simple summary of your business.

This type of business is hard to scale. We know, and have struggled with these same challenges for over 20 years. More athletes mean more time contribution for you. There are no shortcut here.  Acquiring new clients isn’t easy, and they are not one mouse click away – to say the least.



Unique business opportunity for coaching business


Knowledge is power

How do you benchmark the performance of your athletes? How do you monitor progress and check the effectiveness of the workouts you prescribed? The majority of your athletes might do critical power testing, like a 4min or 20min all out efforts to gauge performance. You receive this data, enabling you to get a general idea of the athletes fitness level. How good does this relate to the training you prescribed? More importantly, how good does this relate to the goal(s) your athlete is pursuing?

You want to prescribe the best possible and personalized training programs for each athlete. However, you are limited in assessing your athletes performance. While one athlete might pursue STRAVA KOM’s, another might want to increase sprint power for the local criterium, while another needs to increase their fat combustion and spare carbohydrates in order to complete an Ironman. All these different goals don’t get reflected in just a single 20min power output, or an FTP value. 



Create up to 50% in extra revenue - with minimal time investment

It only takes 10min of your time to create a full performance assessment - better than a conventional lab can offer to you and your athletes!

Decouple the problem of scaling your business (and creating more revnue) and therefore investing more time. Testing using INSCYD only adds a small amount of additional time to your work. For example, if you coach 20 athletes and test each 4x/year, the additional revenue created with INSCYD is most likely in the range of USD 20,000 (20 athletes x 4 Test = 80 tests x 250 USD/test). The average time demand is 1h per test. This includes data analysis, creation of a customized report, and sending the information to your athlete- maybe even a follow up 1 on 1 consultancy talk. Therefore the total extra time is approx. 80h / year or 1.5h/week in average. There is no other option in your coaching that offers you a better time/revenue quotient. This does not account for the time savings- less time evaluating prior training plans- and the lost time struggling to determine the best prescription for your athletes to improve.

With INSCYD we achieve a customer retention rate of almost 80%
— Björn Geesmann, CEO of STAPS - Europe's most successful testing & coaching business


Become a part of the most advanced performance analysis

Use the reputation of the worlds most advanced testing method to magnify the prestige of your service. Leverage the content and testimonials of INSCYD for your own purposes. Benefit from INSCYDs knowledge base & pre-built test protocols to expand your business into field testing and sports you weren't able to previously serve.