Fat combustion...

is the bottleneck of endurance performance in sports such as running and triathlon. INSCYD enables you to measure and track this utmost important metric in your athletes. Now you can create strategies to increase energy expenditure from fat, thereby enhancing athlete performance.


Start measuring fat combustion with INSCYD - in any sport - any time!


Adding FatMax to your coaching tool box enables you to expand your business with nutrition advise and strategies:

  • Fat combustion rates are highly individual metrics.
  • Significant differences are observed both between different athletes, and between different states of training in those athletes.
  • Accurately understanding fat combustion in each individual is crucial.
  • Knowing the FatMax Zone allows your athlete to train fat combustion most efficiently.
  • Add nutrition advise to your training programs to raise FatMax even higher.
  • Consistent tracking allows you to fine tune programs perfectly for each individual athlete.

Forget about the hassle with repeatability & reliability of FatMax measurements with metabolic carts in the lab - assess FatMax where it matters: on the field! 

Detecting my fat - and carbohydrate utilization is the single most important metric for me in INSCYD.
— Davide Formolo - Pro Cyclist

Example of Fat - and Carbohydrate combustion rates as a function of speed in an endurance runner. The green curve shows the fat utilization rate in kcal/h (left y-axis). The FatMax (maximum fat oxidation) is the apex of the curve and marked with the green area. The red curve shows the carbohydrate utilization rate in kcal/h (left y-axis) and in grams per hour (right y-axis). The maximum exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rate of 60-90 g/h is marked with the orange zone.