INSCYD for … template (Coaches)

Business Model / possible ROI / value prop

  • Very straight forward on that you NEED INSCYD in order to create a real efficient training program! (point like in Infographics).

Explainer / Animation: coach A vs. Coach B (Lab a vs. Lab B //Athlete A vs. B ...// …) content = what you are able to do / not do AND also about the financial / business part of it!

Technical information / features which are relevant to user

  • explain workflow to explain how the software is used (differentiate from TP, WKO4, etc).

  • comparison chart to other tools: lab tests, WKO4, etc.

  • List all metrics - hyperlink to metric one by one - ICONS

  • List of all features - hyperlink to feature detail one by one - ICONS

Pricing & Business model & ROI (for athletes map to locate INSCYD partner)

How to get started

Step 1-2-3

CTA: contact us / demo / buy now

Relevant video content

Gallery of use cases – which we pull from blog post area…