INSCYD for Teams & Federations


At the highest level of sports performance, even the smallest detail can make the difference between winning and losing. INSCYD was build bottom up from science and its method has a proven track record in elite sports, having already won several medals at world championships and olympic games.


Don't get left behind:

  • Scientific knowledge is literally exploding - take advantage of this & put it into practice with INSCYD.
  • Create virtual athletes & performances to explore how a they are composed.
  • Test your whole team where it matter - on the road in the pool or on the field - in no time.
  • Access & share data within your organization, every time & everywhere. 

Everybody wants to gain an EDGE over their competitors.


 to gain that edge, you first need to know where to find it.

To gain an edge - you first need to know where to find it!

To gain an edge - you first need to know where to find it!

Dr. Philippe Hellard - Head of Research Department French Swimming Federation

Dr. Philippe Hellard - Head of Research Department French Swimming Federation

I am convinced by the effectiveness of INSCYD to improve performance – it has proven to be a very powerful tool for us.
— Dr. Philippe Hellard - Head of Research Department French Swimming Federation

LeavE the old century of performance testing behind

Metabolic testing didn't evolve much in the past decades. What coaches do nowadays is not different to what coaches did 20 years ago. How does this compare to the fact that scientific knowledge has exponentially increased in this time? Start to make use of the latest science – and don’t get left behind.

Start to use INSCYD:

  • Overcome outdated lactate testing, like your competition has been doing for 40 years.
  • Obtain a holistic 360° view of your athletes performances.
  • Explain and quantify how the relevant physiological metrics interact to one another, how they effect each other and, ultimately, how they compose the performance outcome.
  • Test where it matters! Labs are not race-like scenarios. With INSCYD you can assess the athletic performance of your athletes where it matters: in the pool, on the road, or on the track. This is much more accurate and more relevant than any other lab test – and it’s also more appreciated by coaches and athletes alike.
  • Obtain relevant physiological metrics both in training and racing. Regular & detailed performances assessment of elite athletes has been tough - until now! Using INSCYD you can test your athletes regularly and without interrupting the training schedule. No extra lab session needed! The results have the same level of accuracy that they would have in a lab.
  • Because of its accuracy, INSCYD enables coaches to track every little detail of their athletes’ performance and compare it to the training program applied.


Competitive edge

In elite sports it’s not easy to gain an edge over your competitors and every detail counts. INSCYD lets you identify both: small details that can make the difference between winning and loosing, and the overall picture of an athlete’s performance.


  • Create virtual athletes and virtual performances and find out how the world’s best performances like World Records are composed on a physiological level. There are several different ways to enable a performance, and one will suit your athlete best.
  • INSCYD is highly accurate. Its method has been verified both in vivo using lab tests and in vitro using muscle biopsies. We even went to the European Space Agency to verify INSCYD’s results through a magnet spectroscopy.
  • INSCYD method has proven its effectiveness: the best universities in the world use it and some of the best coaches in the world have been using it to help their athletes winning multiple Olympic and World titles.
  • Do the litmus test for the training you prescribe! This has never been possible until now: before prescribing a training program project the outcome in INSCYD. Take the guesswork out of you training program and let INSCYD quantify the gains for specific performance benchmarks. (video).
  • Interval training tailor made! How do you prescribe the intensities and timing of an interval session? With INSCYD you create interval sessions based on your athletes’ physiology, their fatigue and their need for recovery. You can now create highly individual workouts based on specific needs and calculate the matching recovery time and the exact intensities needed to trigger lactate shuttling, lactate tolerance, recovery and more.

Technical advantage

Managing athletes who live all over the country - or maybe all over the world - is a huge task. Many coaches work individually with one single athlete, but there are also groups of coaches involved in the preparation of one single athlete. Sharing data and knowledge is critical to make informed decisions and have everybody on the same page.

  • INSCYD's user management system is made to match the size and needs of your organization. Unlimited user profiles are possible and fully customized rights settings can be applied to every single user: from general manager with full access to all the relevant data, to interns and students who are only allowed to only selected content.
  • Share athlete’s profiles among different coaches. INSCYD encourages teamwork. The data of an athlete can be shared instantly and you can also add tailored comments and notes for your coworkers. With INSCYD you can create performance reports to be sent to your athlete, but also to another personal coach, group of coaches, etc.
  • All the data in one place! Forget those times when physiological data were scattered in different places. Forget juggling with various Excel sheets. Forget non-matching data gathered from different testing protocols. With INSCYD you have all the data in the same place, accessible at any time from everywhere in the world. You can even upload historical data gathered with different test protocols, and still compare them to the new set of data you will collect in the future with INSCYD.