Use INSCYD's Training & Learning center to learn more:

  • The science behind INSCYD
  • The ease of using INSCYD
  • The coaching, predicting of performance, nutritional advice
  • Increase your revenue by 20-35% using INSCYD



Become an inscyder

Take your coaching to the next level. Apply for one of INSCYDs starter packages. Send us your logo & company information and you will instantly receive:

  • Branded & customized INSCYD account
  • Login information for all users
  • Free access to the full INSCYD knowledge base (which includes sample training plans, white papers,  scientific papers on training, nutrition, testing...)
  • customized templates for data upload
  • Coaching manuals, athlete protocols, team protocols and evidence based training methods.


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Receiving an account is only the beginning. Once you sign up, you will receive your first hour of personal coaching & consulting. This gives you the runway needed to optimize INSCYD for your business:

  • receive 2h of 1 on 1 consultancy
  • free access to online tutorials & courses
  • 24/7 support
  • 20 days free usage - enables you to familiarize with all the details INSCYD offers

Leverage Marketing


Boost your business

Using INSCYD provides you a technical advantage over your competition. Now is the time to tell people you offer the same services formerly only used by professional organizations and teams. INSCYD will help you leverage your business:

  • Access to all INSCYD marketing materials, training tools, and training methods. 
  • Full access to pre-packaged marketing, social media material, blogs and newsletter content.
  • Approval to share INSCYDs video testimonials on your own facebook, youtube, and other channels
  • Offer an elite service, formerly only availble to professionals. Your athletes will get the same service as world champions and olympic medalists!



INSCYD SCALES with your business

INSCYD adapts to your business - from part time coaching to managment of a sporting federation. 

  • Initial setup fee as low as $399
  • No overhead costs
  • Pay per usage or subscribe for a fixed rate
  • Upgrade anytime, without buyout penalty