Frequently asked questions


What is INSCYD?

INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance in athletes. INSCYD creates a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete. This includes: aerobic capacity, glycolytic capacity, anaerobic threshold, energy cost of locomotion, fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & recovery, aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution, and many more performance metrics.

Who is INSCYD for?

INSCYD is a tool for coaches, sport scientists, national federations, sporting teams, and clubs and organizations. INSCYD is a tool which helps improve athletic performance by obtaining a granular and precise view on all aspects of human performance.

How does a coach use INSCYD?

INSCYD is web based. Users access INSCYD from virtually anywhere. Once logged in, a user can review existing performance data, compare performances of different athletes, or historical data of the same athlete or create a new performance profile. A user can predict performances based on existing data sets, and even create complete virtual data of virtual or real athletes.

Can INSCYD predict adaptations?

Based on an existing test result, INSCYD can very accurately project the influence of a training induced adaptation. This can be viewed on any individual physiological metric impacting overall performance, or a specific performance marker of interest.

For example: INSCYD can predict the change in fat combustion with an altered VO2max, or the change of anaerobic threshold with increased running efficiency. However, INSCYD cannot predict the outcome of a specific training regime.

Who uses INSCYD today?

INSCYD is used by universities, national federations, coaching businesses, human performance labs, coaches physicians and professional sporting teams.

How can field test with INSCYD be as accurate as a full lab test?

The accuracy of assessment is mainly determined by the accuracy of the devices used to measure power (in the case of cycling) or speed (in case of running, swimming, skating, etc). Both metrics are easy and accurate to measure. Additionally, the data is captured in the conditions to which the user (coach and athlete) wants to relate the results to (on a hill, or a flat TT course).

The sensitivity of the algorithms within INSCYD are robust when it comes to the tolerance of the results in relation to in accuracy of the input data. For example: in the 4min critical power test in Cycling, an error of 10 Watts (either because of a badly calibrated powermeter or because of sloppy data analysis) for a 75 kg athlete, causes a maximum possible error of the estimation of VO2max of 1,07 ml/min/kg. The best metabolic carts, as used in high quality, human performance labs, encounter a typical error of 2% percent. Therefore the accuracy of analysis is on par with INSCYD. (see also: Carter J, Jeukendrup AE, Eur J Appl Physiol. 2002 Mar;86(5):435-41. )

I use Trainingpeaks, Todays Plan, Web4trainer or similar Software – why do I need INSCYD?

The other software mentioned above are great tools to create training programs and share this information with your athletes. They are also great for communication and basic analysis of the performed workouts.

In contrast, INSCYD is a tool which enables the user to understand – on a very granular level - the adaptations the prescribed training caused. Additionally, INSCYD allows the user to predict performance outcomes based on specific adaptations- before a training program is prescribed. Training prescriptions become more tailored to the desired outcome and therefore more efficient.

I use WKO4+, SRMX, Golden Cheetah or similar programs – why do I need INSCYD?

The tools listed above are great to analyze how the workouts a coach prescribed have been carried out, or to analyze load profiles in races. When it comes to detailed and scientific analysis of the performance of the athlete, there is only a basic functionality within these tools.

INSCYD in contrast holds a wealth of data, which, until now, could only be obtained by several hours or even days of testing- with several protocols in a human performance lab. The metabolic profile obtained with INSCYD offers a full 360° view on all performance relevant metrics. The tools listed above can only provide a rough idea, on a very limited number of significant metrics.

My athletes are located remotely, how can I lab test them?

If you can test your athlete on the bike with a powermeter, INSCYD offers the critical power testing option for you. This option was developed in world tour cycling, based on the following problem; it is virtually impossible to get pro cyclists, who are scattered all over the globe, into a lab for regular testing.

What are the steps to use INSCYD?

If you would like to schedule a personal demo and you are a coach or professional – please schedule a demo here. If you are an athlete, you can tell your coach about INSCYD, or find a INSCYD partner nearby.

Upon onboarding to INSCYD, we setup your personal account and brand the software with your logo, branding, naming and more. After this you will receive 2 hours of personal, 1:1 consultancy. During this time, we will walk you through the software, the testing protocol, and make sure you know how to use and leverage all the functions within INSCYD.

Can I purchase INSCYD as an athlete?

No. INSCYD is a tool currently only available for coaches and professionals. Please find a coach, lab, or university close to you to begin using INSCYD.

Do you sell hardware needed for testing?

INSCYD is a software developed for coaches. We don’t sell hardware needed for testing. If you are in need for specific testing hardware like VO2 analyzers, Powermeters, or Lactate Analyzers, we recommend (for VO2 Analysis), (for Powermeters) and (for Lactate Analyzers).

Can I share data with another user?

INSCYD offers a comprehensive user management, which scales from small coaching businesses with only a handful of athletes, to large federations. It is possible to share athlete data within your organization.

What is the data privacy policy of INSCYD?

INSCYD is a Swiss product. INSCYD is under very strict Swiss data privacy policies which comply with Swiss law. INSCYD holds the highest standards when it comes to confidentially of user data. INSCYD uses only servers in Switzerland, which comply with the highest security standards.

Can I run INSCYD in my own server?

Yes, for large organizations such as national federation INSCYD offers the service to host the data of your athletes on your own server infrastructure.

How does INSCYD capture data?

There are several ways to capture the needed data to run a full performance analysis using INSCYD. Users can enter data from field or lab lactate testing, either with or without the addition of VO2 data. Additionally, INSCYD offers power only based testing for cycling (in development for running). Power based testing for cycling can be captured in the field, by the athlete (remote from the coach).

How does the data from my metabolic cart get imported into INSCYD?

Raw data from any metabolic cart or VO2 analyzer gets imported into INSCYD using MS Excel files. The team at INSCYD created customized data import templates, tailored to the data format of the devices you are using. This makes importing data fast, and hassle free.

Why should I choose field testing with INSCYD over lab testing?

You don’t have to test in the field, but with INSCYD you can. Field testing provides the closest conditions possible to the actual situations where performance matters; in competition. With INSCYD, you can test your athletes in their specific environment. Test the GC cyclist on a climb and the time trailer on his TT bike. Test the runner on the track, not on the treadmill. Test the football player on the grass and not on concrete. Test the swimmer in a 50m Olympic pool, not in the endless pool.

I own a human performance lab – why should I consider using INSCYD?

With INSCYD you get much more information, with significantly less time needed. Within a maximum test time of 45min., it becomes possible to obtain ALL of the following: maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max), maximum glycolytic capacity (VLamax), fat & carbohydrate utilization, energy cost of locomotion, a full lactate profile, training zones, and much more. Traditionally, this data demanded several tests, blocking resources for several hours, and therefore required comparably steep pricing. With INSCYD, labs are able to offer the same, or in most cases more information, to their customers. This comes with significantly less time commitment. Business owners are able to reduce the retail price of testing, and therefore attract a larger customer group, while still making more profit per hour.

My business is to coach endurance athletes over the internet – why should I use INSCYD?

Using INSCYD enables you to create full performance profiles of your athletes- like they would only get in the most advanced human performance labs – if even there. Obtaining this information only takes a few minutes of your personal time. Coaches are able to prescribe much more specific and focused training programs, because they now know much more about the limiting factors of their athletes.

Furthermore, a coach has a unique upsell opportunity to create extra revenue. In contrast to simply taking on more clients, the personal time commitment for coaches is minimal. The additional revenue stream created with INSCYD is approx. 20-35% (of the total business revenue) with an extra time commitment of approximately 4h per athlete coached per year!

How do I purchase, and what are the economics?

INSCYD users begin with a starter package which includes setting up your personal account:

  • customized branding of the software
  • 1:1 consultancy to ensure you are up to speed to use all features of INSCYD
  • Free Testing during the starter package term (4 weeks)

After the initial onboarding, INSCYD scales with your business: there is no limit to the number of coaches or athletes in your account. Your fees scale with the quantity of analysis you perform in INSCYD. When you have a heavy month, where you are selling a lot of performance profiles to your customers, you receive a discount because of the high volume. When you face a time of slow business and no testing, there are no fixed costs involved.

Does INSCYD provide a training plan for my athletes?

No. INSCYD doesn’t create training programs. It provides the user with the wealth of accurate and performance relevant metrics to create a comprehensive training plan. It enables the user to understand how the past training worked, and how to prescribe the most efficient training program to achieve future goals, results and even KOMs.

What sports does INSCYD allow me to profile?

INSCYD works with any sport as long as you can capture speed or power.

What is the cost for my athlete?

For commercial applications, the usual price range for a single performance profile purchased by athletes is $ 300-450, depending on the economical status of the region where the service is offered. Coaching businesses usually package regular testing into their subscription services, which allows them to reduce the retail price to $200-300.

Most of my athletes are time crunched- understanding energy systems is not important when they only have 6-8 hours per week to train.

INSCYD has been successfully used in the past decade for exactly these target customers. Very limited time for training makes efficient training necessary. INSCYD identifies performance areas which offer the greatest potential for improvement. Now, it is possible to focus training on exactly these domains, maximizing the time investment vs. training effect relation.

I am just starting my coaching business. I don’t have the time or resources to invest into another tool.

INSCYD has a very fast learning curve, thanks to included 1 to 1 consultancy, and seamless onboarding procedure.

You can expand you business rapidly by being listed on the INSCYD website. INSCYD regularly provides marketing content to our coaches, which you can re-use for your own business. This is especially valuable for small or new businesses. Additionally, the association with a technology used by the leaders in sport can add to your credibility and act as a testimonial.

As an INSCYD user, you will get access to the great library of information INSCYD holds for its customers, and therefore able to increase your knowledge.

What type of nutritional information does INSCYD provide for my athletes?

With every metabolic profile in INSCYD, the user receives a profile of total energy consumption in relation to speed, or power, as well as the contribution of fat and carbohydrates.

Such information is also listed for the individual training zones, which get generated with a metabolic profile.

What are the steps to use INSCYD?

If you would like to schedule a personal demo and you are a coach or professional – please schedule a demo here. If you are an athlete, you can tell your coach about INSCYD, or find a INSCYD partner nearby.

Upon onboarding to INSCYD, we setup your personal account and brand the software with your logo, branding, naming and more. After this you will receive 2 hours of personal, 1:1 consultancy. During this time, we will walk you through the software, the testing protocol, and make sure you know how to use and leverage all the functions within INSCYD.

How is the information presented to the coach and to the athlete?

INSCYD allows for creation of automated reports with only one click. The full report contains up to 9 graphs with explanation texts. The user can also edit these text boxes to provide personal feedback to an athlete. Such reports are branded for the organization of the user and can be customized. Reports are exported as PDF documents.

Does it matter what type of power meter my athletes use?

No, as long as it is calibrated and accurate. When you carry out critical power testing with INSCYD, the algorithms can identify any outlier data, and INSCYD sends you a warning message. Using the same powermeter for testing and training your athlete might not notice any data irregularities.