(energy cost of locomotion)


Running Economy explained

How much speed do you get for your energy?

  • Economy relates to the conversion of: how much power do you have because of your physiological capacities – and how fast can you run or swim with this?
  • In free motion sports such as running and swimming economy can well be the most crucial performance determinant. Obtaining economy in your athletes will become a competitive advantage.
  • With INSCYD you can find out if it's more beneficial to increase metabolic capacities or to improve economy.


INSCYD offers us the ability to create the most accurate measures of metabolic efficiency available today.

INSCYD's guide to running economy

Add economy to your coaching toolbox

INSCYD smoothly integrates efficiency into your portfolio with no hassle.  

  • Monitor efficiency on a regular basis and tune your training programs to perfection.
  • INSCYD's high precision allows you to even capture the effect of different equipment - such as running shoes or wetsuits - on efficiency.
  • Include evidence-based guidance on the fastest gear into your service.
  • Expand previous workouts of your coaching to trigger adaptation to increase efficiency.




Video tutorial: analyzing running economy in INSCYD