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Team BORA - hansgrohe choses INSCYD as their partner for 2018

The team started to use INSCYD ahead of the 2018 racing season and the software will support BORA-Hansgrohe managing the performance of their riders: benchmark testing monitoring the athletes adaptation, making informed decision about race selection and race tactics and scouting the riders before they join the team.


Peter Sagan first victory of 2018 (by Bettiniphoto)

The ability to test the riders on field appeals both to athletes and their coaches — particularly those who normally have a hard time in a lab and prefer to ride outside every day.

“Of course I prefer to go outside," says 3-time UCI World Champion Peter Sagan. “In labs you can test a lot of things, but I think it’s more real if you can ride and being tested on your bike outside.”

Even as a rider who prefers to train “on feeling”, Sagan is aware of the importance of using data to guide training: “I like to train more following my feeling, but numbers can help to improve the performances and they give important information to the coaches."


This year will be the second year of team BORA-Hansgrohe in the pro peloton and the team set the bar very high: a Monument, the green jersey at the Tour and a top-5 in the General Classification at a Grand Tour will be the season’s goals. And in order to achieve them, the team will definitely need the most advanced software for performance analysis that’s on the market.


“This is our second year in the World Tour and we’re seeking more and more innovation and performance”, says Ralph Denk, Bora-Hansgrohe’s Team Manager. “I’m very happy that INSCYD is a part of that. INSCYD is a unique tool and it’s nice to provide our riders with the best innovation product that’s on the market.”


“Collecting data from the riders is complicated,” adds Denk. “Differently from other sports and teams where athletes live all in the same city, my riders live in 11 different countries. Plus, riders normally hate lab tests and they already travel a lot. Making them travelling also for lab testing is not efficient in my opinion. INSCYD help us to test the riders at home and that’s a great feature.”


The plus-value of INSCYD, on top of its ability to test riders all over the world more efficiently, are its accuracy and its capacity to test riders on conditions similar to the race ones.

“INSCYD allows you to do a simple field test with lactate profile and get the results that you would have with a full lab test”, explains Lars Teutenberg, BORA-Hansgrohe’s Head of Performance. “Plus athletes hate lab testing: it’s artificial, it’s sweaty, they ergometer where they get tested is never their own bike and they prefer to do a test out on the road. And if you go to different labs with different methods you cannot really compare the results. But with INSCYD we have the same setup and the same method all over the world and throughout the whole year. And when we test riders on a climb or on a TT, they know it’s very similar to race conditions and appreciate that.”


INSCYD will also help BORA-Hansgrohe to monitor athletes’ training adaptions throughout the year and it will make sure they’re working towards their specific goals, being winning a Monument or getting a top-5 in a Grand Tour.


“Flanders is different from Roubaix and they’re both different from a Grand Tour”, continues Teutenberg. “In order to train each rider to his specific needs we need to know what his condition is. INSCYD tells us what their specific fitness levels are and what we need to tune for a specific goals.


INSCYD’s benefits are not only for pros: “amateurs can also benefit from INSCYD,” adds Teutenberg,”because they can do field tests whenever they’re ready and whenever they need to without going to a lab.”