Anaerobic capacity can make all the difference between winning and losing. The final lap, the final sprint, the final push - it all comes down to glycolytic power.


Utmost importance across all sports

There are two sides to glycolytic capacity (VLamax): On the one hand, a low VLamax increases the anaerobic threshold and fat combustion, and shortens recovery from hard efforts. On the other, a high VLamax increases the power available for attacks, sprints and short efforts.

To get it right you need to know and understand the VLamax of your athlete.


INSCYD helps you tune this metric to perfect precision to fulfill the needs of your athletes, which will have a profound impact on their progress.

You really know what to work on if you know the VLamax
— Dan Lorang - High Performance Coach of Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno
INSCYD: Dan Lorang - coach of Jan Frodeno and other professional athletes, on the importance of VLamax in Ironman