Aerobic energy supply is of utmost importance for the whole spectrum of sporting intensity; from swimming sprints, to 90 minute football matches - aerobic capacity (VO2max) is the single most important performance metric.



Sports single most important metric - available for you

VO2max was named as the single most wanted performance metric in various sports (2017 survey of coaches in elite sport). It is not restricted by raw physical talent but can be trained to unknown individual maximum. VO2max responds quickly to training and therefore needs to be monitored regulary.


Now you can monitor VO2max at any time and exactly where it matters: i.e. on the field, where other coaches struggle!


INSCYD enables you to:

  • compare the effect of high-intensity interval training over a endurance workout on VO2max.
  • evaluate the impact of specialized nutrition regimes to further increase VO2max.
  • understand the impact of VO2max on fat oxidation and carbohydrate combustion.
  • explain changes in anaerobic threshold or fat combustion observed in your athletes.


Make the best coaching decisions for your athletes!

Prof. Dr. Ferran Rodriguez from the INEFC - university of physical education Barcelona/Spain explains the meaning of the VO2max
INSCYD: Björn Geesmann, CEO of STAPS Europe's most successful coaching and testing company - on his favorite workout to increase VO2max