INSCYD joins the FINA worlds aquatic convention

From the 8th to the 10th of December, the INSCYD team will take part at the FINA World Aquatics Convention in Hangzhou, China


Tägerwilen, Switzerland, October 30th 2018 – The Convention is both a platform for the “aquatics family” and business leaders to support the growth of aquatic sports worldwide – but also to boost elite performances across all the FINA disciplines. And that is why we couldn’t have missed it!

Two years ago, when we firstly took in the FINA symposium, we presented a paper on “Metabolic profiling in elite swimmers – testing in the pool to determine aerobic & glycolytic capacities” and we also organized a swimming workshop showing the attendees how to measure swimming economy and metabolic assessments in the pool.

Dr. Philippe Hellard

Dr. Philippe Hellard

I am convinced by the effectiveness of INSCYD to improve performance – it has proven to be a very powerful tool for us.

We decided to go back to the FINA convention because INSCYD is not only a useful tool for cyclists and runners, but it is also of the greatest benefit to swimmers. A proof of that is the confirmation of our collaboration with the French National Swimming Federation and the INSEP for another year (towards Tokyo 2020) and our contribution to the recently published The Science of Swimming [Ricardo J. Fernandes, 2018] with a chapter dedicated to Metabolic Responses during High-Intensity Interval Training in Elite Swimmers”.